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Women In The Dunes at George Lawson Reviewed by Jonathon Curiel, SFWeekly

“Set in sand that is both beautiful and claustrophobic, the 1964 Japanese film The Woman in the Dunes is one of the most haunting dramas

Exhibition Review by Maria Medua

“Oakland-based artist Narangkar Glover paints re-imagined landscapes that have powerful psychological resonance…

Exhibition Review by Heidi De Vries at SFWeekly

November 7, 2012 “Sometimes art is at its most powerful when it takes a familiar scene and dislocates it just slightly, gives it a new context. We stop and look more closely because we suddenly see details we usually overlook, or even because the piece reminds us of something we’ve felt before. Narangkar Glover and Gwen Manfrin are […]

Interview with In The Make

“I didn’t expect Narangkar’s work to hit home. But it did, like a hard wallop coming out of nowhere to knock me down. I should have anticipated it, I knew some of her autobiographical paintings directly intersected with a bit of my own history— namely, a difficult and bewildering childhood spent in the lush, damp landscape of an Indian hill station. But because the particulars of our childhoods are actually quite different, I had assumed I could come to Narangkar’s work with neutrality and distance. Instead, her paintings threw me right into a squirming mess of emotions.”

Exhibition Review by Maria Porges at Shotgun Review

October 4, 2009 “With assured brushwork and equally deft needlework, Narangkar Glover has made a group of canvases that feature a homemade concrete skateboarding bowl located in her own Oakland backyard. This extraordinary structure, fondly referred to by those who know it as ‘the pond,’ is painted in real life a color that can only […]

Exhibition Review by DeWitt Cheng at East Bay Express

September 30, 2009 “California’s natural paradise, El Dorado, is also a hotbed of creative innovation. This nature/culture paradox informs Narangkar Glover‘s oil paintings, pencil drawings, and embroidery depictions of a concrete skateboard bowl, vividly aqua-blue, with bright yellow edging stripes. We see it either empty, almost an abstraction, or more three-dimensionally, as a backdrop to […]

Work reviewed by Theo Konrad Auer at Oakbook

September 3, 2009 The Month Ahead in Oakland Art by Theo Konrad Auer “Narangkar Glover is one half of the husband and wife team that run the great and uncommonly consistent and innovative Oakland artspace Rowan Morrison in the Temescal neighborhood. What many regular attendees of their openings might also know is that she is […]

Paint By Needle selected as Critic’s Choice, East Bay Express

December 1, 2007 Critics Choice by Jakki K. Spicer “Two artists use stitching as their medium in this show at the Rowan Morrison Gallery. Narangkar Glover embroiders and paints on her canvases, the most interesting of which is a color wheel in thread. The color wheel is usually a basic exercise in color theory, asking the […]