Women In The Dunes at George Lawson Reviewed by Jonathon Curiel, SFWeekly

September 7, 2014

“Set in sand that is both beautiful and claustrophobic, the 1964 Japanese film The Woman in the Dunes is one of the most haunting dramas ever made about circumstance, struggle, and adaption. George Lawson Gallery pays homage to the movie’s title with “Women in the Dunes,” a group exhibit of 10 female artists — nine of them painters, one of them (Jennah Ward) a photographer who produces painterly work. All of the artworks leave room for interpretation, and some of the offerings in this exhibit — like Jenny Bloomfield’s Out of the Green Blue, Justine Frischmann’sUntitled Painting, Nancy Haynes’ On Kawara’s Dream, and Ward’sPico 2 photo — evoke a feeling of quiet and exploration that is also a foundation of Hiroshi Teshigahara’s The Woman in the Dunes. See for yourself. The exhibition reception gives art-goers an ideal chance to inhabit art that, like Teshigahara’s movie, is simultaneously timeless and about moments in time.”