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Artist In Residence at Santa Fe Art Institute

I will be an Artist in Residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico for the months of October and November. For more information about Santa Fe Art Institute, go here

Low Land Featured on SFMoma Submission Friday on Tumblr

Exhibition Review by Maria Medua

“Oakland-based artist Narangkar Glover paints re-imagined landscapes that have powerful psychological resonance…

Exhibition Review by Heidi De Vries at SFWeekly

November 7, 2012 “Sometimes art is at its most powerful when it takes a familiar scene and dislocates it just slightly, gives it a new context. We stop and look more closely because we suddenly see details we usually overlook, or even because the piece reminds us of something we’ve felt before. Narangkar Glover and Gwen Manfrin are […]

Studio Visit and Interview with In The Make

In The Make is a remarkable arts site run by Klea McKenna and Nikki Grattan.

The two of them interviewed me and visited my studio last week. It’s online here:

Interview with In The Make

“I didn’t expect Narangkar’s work to hit home. But it did, like a hard wallop coming out of nowhere to knock me down. I should have anticipated it, I knew some of her autobiographical paintings directly intersected with a bit of my own history— namely, a difficult and bewildering childhood spent in the lush, damp landscape of an Indian hill station. But because the particulars of our childhoods are actually quite different, I had assumed I could come to Narangkar’s work with neutrality and distance. Instead, her paintings threw me right into a squirming mess of emotions.”

Featured in HyperAllergic A View From The Easel

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Shangri-La Girls School Works Featured on

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I’m featured at Escape Into, a blog that features art and literature by emerging and established artists from all over the world.