Solar System Block Prints at Day Space Night

November 23, 2019

“Our Solar System” at Day Space Night
Opening Reception: Saturday November 30th 1-6pm

937 Sun Mun Way, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Show continues to December 31st

“Our Solar System” is a set of eight works on paper that take inspiration from a ubiquitous cultural and decorative motif: the eight-point star. Using its modern iteration–the Lone Star quilt–as the point of departure, each octagram references a planet in our solar system. This is a nod to the ancient Sumerian “Star of Ishtar” which is represented by an eight-point-star and signifies the the celestial body Venus.

Join me on November 30th in appreciation and gratitude for friendship, art and independent design.

Day Space Night is a clothing line produced by artists Kris Chau and Samantha Margherita. For the past several years they have been creating sleek silhouetted yet versatile and functional dresses and workwear. At the end of this year, Chau and Sam will be moving on to another chapter in their respective creative fields.

One of the things I have always really admired about the DSN brand is that their clothing (and the representation of the clothing) demonstrates a real grassroots effort toward inclusivity and sustainability. It’s a privilege to be a part of their farewell month. While I will miss seeing their latest designs, it further reinforces that I have to take good care of the DSN pieces that I have in my closet! I’m confident that whatever they take on next, it is sure to be exemplary and remarkable.

Thank you Chau + Sam! 💗