Coffee Shop Show

November 6, 2015

I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t posted many updates lately. Earlier in the year we relocated to Portland Oregon, and well, it was a BIG move. Six or seven months later, it’s starting to feel like we are settling in.

New to the scene, the first thing I decided to do was to just go with the hyper-local approach (venues right in my neighborhood). This was a good way for some of my recent paintings to be out in public for a while. I hung two multi-panel panoramic paintings in the space: Garhwali Himalayas (after Yoshikazu Shirakaw) and Shangril-La Girls School: Purple Sweaters.

The positive that I take from doing neighborhood shows is that if you’re new to a place, it’s a really great way to meet people, to connect, and to get to know your neighborhood. I had a good time showing at my local cafe, Fourth Estate last September.

I’ve got two things coming up in January 2016. The first is a show at Belljar in San Francisco, and the other is a Window Project at Knit Purl PDX, a yarn shop in Downtown Portland, Oregon. Oh, and a December Studio Sale is right around the corner!